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      From Bach      

           to the Blues       

Whether starting at the very beginning or studying at an intermediate level

                whether playing Bach or playing the Blues,

                          Blue Piano Studio can create a curriculum 

              to fit your child's experience level and musical interests.

Blue Piano Studio is a small piano studio and music school that offers a unique and inspirational learning environment to children ages of 5 and up that applies a multi-faceted, personalized approach to early music education. Through a combination of weekly

one-on-one lessons on the piano, rhythm, music theory and ear training workshops, casual work-in-progress concerts, formal performances and master classes, students are introduced to music in an interactive, creative and fun way.


    “I grew up learning how to play the piano and learning about music in a unique environment where I was part of a community of like-minded, talented young musicians that grew and flourished together.”, says Megan Worthy,


founder of Blue Piano Studio, “We were constantly inspired by various master classes, concerts, african drumming workshops and all kinds of interesting facets of musical study. We were given the gift of a such positive experience in our early music education and it was all facilitated by a passionate and committed teacher who motivated us to want to learn more and to excel. I want to be able to offer that same kind of positive experience to young, prospective musicians who deserve a chance to express themselves and explore music in a safe, and encouraging manner. ”.



Megan Worthy's vision of having a small, community-based music school has been realized in the Blue Piano Studio. Megan began teaching piano in her early teens at her piano teacher's studio, The Stone Soup Studio in Kensington Market in Toronto. Over the past 12 years Megan continued to teach students in and around her hometown neighbourhood of Riverdale and throughout the city of Toronto. Having studied the piano and various genres of music over the course of 24 years, through the Royal Conservatory and at Humber College, Megan's music education has been intensive and extensive. Megan is passionate about music and loves to share that passion with her students.


Blue Piano Studio provides an alternative, innovative, and interactive approach to early music education and offers piano and voice lessons as well as workshops at affordable rates. 


     “Megan has been 

            an inspiration to our son.” 



                               - says S. P., a parent of a student at Blue Piano Studio.

   “Our daughter can't wait to go to her weekly lesson, and she loves the fun rhythmic exercises that are incorporated into them!”

      - says R. K., another parent of one of Megan's students.

Contact us now for a FREE first lesson

(416) 836-0188

From lessons at the Blue Piano to lessons in the comfort of your own home,  we  will find the way to bring the love of music into your life!

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