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 Our Philosophy  


Blue Piano Studio offers a unique and inspirational learning environment to children ages five and up that applies a multi-faceted, personalized approach to musical education. Through a combination of one-on-one lessons on the piano, rhythm and ear training workshops, master classes, casual work-in-progress concerts and formal performances, students are introduced to music in a comfortable, creative and fun new way. Whether starting at the very beginning or studying at an intermediate level, whether playing Bach or playing the Blues, Blue Piano Studio can create a curriculum to fit your child's experience level and musical interests.




The ten key principles of our philosophy are simple:


  • PLAY: the word “play” in playing the piano is there for a reason - learning music is fun!

  • PATIENCE: every student learns in their own way in their own time - there’s no race and no finish line for musicians!

  • PROGRAM: a structured approach to music lessons lays the groundwork for growth, with lots of room for individual interests - variety keeps learning interesting!

  • PRACTICE: students build confidence by taking one step at a time to build a strong musical foundation and experience success - practice makes perfect!

  • PERFORM: musicians experience an introduction to performance through casual concerts to support their growth and development - learning an instrument builds confidence!

  • PERSEVERE: students learn that if at first you don’t succeed, try try again, and you will achieve your goals - learning music is a life skill!

  • PRAISE: each student needs just the right level of encouragement to recognize their efforts and to see themselves as a musicians - learning music builds self-esteem!

  • PARTNERSHIP: musicians learn to create music together with their teachers and through workshops – learning music is about teamwork!

  • POTENTIAL: every student has the potential to learn how to play an instrument and to enjoy music - our teachers support that journey!

  •  PARENTS: budding musicians benefit from your participation - we encourage you to sit in on lessons and offer ideas for you to enjoy music with your child at home!




“Having studied the piano and various genres of music over the course of 21 years, through the Royal Conservatory and at Humber College, my passion for music has continued to grow and so has my need to share this passion and inspire other great young musicians. I am confident that my professional and innovative approach to musical education will make learning about music a positive and inspirational experience for every young person who walks through our doors.”


                                                                                                  -Megan Worthy, Founder of Blue Piano Studio


   To play a wrong note is insignificant;

   to play without passion is inexcusable  


        Megan Worthy        

Our Founder


Megan Worthy is a professional pianist and teacher who began playing the piano when she was six years old. Her first passion was classical music, which she studied through the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto with Barb Morrison, her teacher and mentor for many years. By her early teens, Megan had achieved First Class Honours at the Grade 8 Level of the Royal Conservatory of Music program and received many awards at music competitions, including the Kiwanis and Davenport Music Festivals.


As a music lover, Megan explored a variety of music instruments and genres but an emerging interest in jazz piano led her to Humber College's Intro to Jazz and Commercial Music's Diploma program. After graduating on the Honour Roll, Megan was offered a scholarship to enter Humber College's prestigious four year Bachelor of Music degree program, where she focused on jazz performance and pedagogy. She also had the opportunity to study jazz with many great jazz piano players, including David Virelles, Nancy Walker, Brian Dickinson, and Bernie Senesky.


Megan has extensive experience as a professional accompanist and performer. She has recording credits on two albums with the Canadian band, Pork Belly Futures and also recorded a single with Turkey-based EDM artist DJ Tarkan, creating an international pop song that has been making waves online. Currently Megan is composing, playing keys and singing harmonies with local band Edgewater Hotel who recently celebrated the release of their debut EP. Megan also plays jazz piano with an emerging vocalist, Kayla Crosby, at such venues as Toronto’s Jazz Bistro.


While Megan enjoys performance, her experience with the outstanding educators in Humber’s music program strengthened her desire to share her love of music through teaching. Megan has been teaching private piano, theory and ear-training lessons for more than ten years. She enjoys developing both technical and musical skills, while varying her approach to meet the evolving needs of each student. She is passionate about music and teaching and simply wants to share her knowledge and love of music to inspire the next generation of young musicians!

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