Our Programs 

  Kids Private Piano Lessons   

Learn to play on the Blue Piano! We will create a customized curriculum tailor-made to fit your child's musical interests and educational needs, and ensure that learning to play the piano is a fun journey! Students are guided through one-on-one lessons using a combination of music theory, rhythm and ear training, and practical application on the piano. Whether your child is preparing for an RCM exam, or simply wants to learn a particular style of music ( jazz, blues, pop, rock ), Blue Piano Studio offers a wide variety of approaches to learning music at the piano.  

  Kids Private Voice Lessons  

Learn to sing at the Blue Piano!  Blue Piano Studio offers one-on-one vocal lessons for students who wish to sing their hearts out! We also offer lessons to students who wish to learn how to sing and accompany themselves at the piano. Whether your child simply wants to learn their favourite songs, or develop a particular vocal style, Blue Piano Studio can help make singing and learning about music a fun and seamless experience.

  Music Theory Tutoring  

Learn music theory at the Blue Piano! Blue Piano Studio offers one-on-one music theory tutoring as well as group classes. Whether your child is preparing for an RCM examination, or simply wants to get a better grasp of the basics of music, we can help with every aspect of deepening musical understanding, and application to their preferred instrument.

  Rhythm & Ear Training Workshops  

Learn with different instruments at the Blue Piano! Blue Piano Studio offers rhythm and ear-training workshops for groups of 5 or more students. Using an array of rhythmic instruments including African drums, the piano, and many smaller percussion instruments, we help students train their ears to recognize specific sounds and patterns in music. From making home-made drums and creating rhythms as a group, to singing or listening to well-known songs, your child will learn in a fun and interactive way!

  In-Home  Private Lessons   

Learn to play on your own piano! Blue Piano Studio also offers in-home lessons to students in and around the neighbourhood of Riverdale and East Toronto. Enjoy learning to play the piano in the comfort of your own home! Contact us now for information and availability. 








Monday-Friday 10:00am-10:00pm

‚ÄčSaturday-Sunday 12:00pm-8:00pm


148 First Ave. Toronto, Ont. 


Tel: (416) 836-0188

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